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Academic Support Instruction

The goal of the Academic Support Instruction (ASI) program is to provide students (and teachers) with an additional teacher resource who acts as an intervention specialist for students displaying academic difficulty in math and/or language arts literacy.  


ASI teachers are knowledgeable about the general education curriculum, skillful at anticipating student difficulties with learning tasks, and adept at working with the general education teacher to provide ongoing differentiation, adaptation, and modification of the general education curriculum, instruction, and assessment.


In grades K-5, the ASI teachers work collaboratively with the classroom teacher within the classroom setting as both in-class support and providing small group individual sessions for students who are identified for more intensive work on particular skills. Multiple measures are used to identify and qualifying criteria are established to enroll students. The ASI teacher will use a variety of differentiated strategies and computerized assisted instruction to increase student progress and achievement. 


In grades 6-12, additional academic support is provided in ELA and/or Math for identified students. Placement into classes is data-driven (i.e., assessment scores, classroom performance). The model used for delivering instruction is different depending upon the academic content area and needs of the learners.