This program is a dynamic partnership between the Middlesex public school district and University Behavioral Healthcare (UBHC), a division of Rutgers University. The primary objective of the program is to help assure that children and adolescents will obtain needed assistance in an accessible location. They provide a range of free and confidential mental health services at the Middlesex Public Schools.

Referrals will be accepted from the student’s school counselor, CST case manager, or school administrator. Teachers, school nurse and other staff members with concerns should contact the student’s counselor. Referrals may also be accepted directly from students and/or parents/guardians. The school counselor, CST member or administrator will meet with the student to discuss the referral and obtain informed parent/guardian consent concerning their interest in making a referral. They will also advise the school counselor that they are making the referral.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your child's counselor:

Middlesex High School:

Mrs. Karin Blumetti
[email protected]
(732) 317-6000 x21665
Mrs. Gina Shehu
[email protected]
(732) 317-6000 x21664
Mr. James Schmitt
[email protected]
(732) 317-6000 x21663

Von. E. Mauger School:

Mrs. Alexandra Cuffie
[email protected]
(732) 317-6000 x22665

Mrs. Leslie Lapotasky
[email protected]
(732) 317-6000 x22660

Mr. Timothy Morris
[email protected]
(732) 317-6000 x22661

Elementary Schools:

Ms. Kelsey Harcourt

[email protected]
(732) 317-6000 x24613

Ms. Carly Rothbard

[email protected]
(732) 317-6000 x23753

Mrs. Leslie Kauffman

[email protected]
(732) 317-6000 x25006